Monday, April 3, 2017

Founder & CEO of, Dr. Allen Weiss, Joins Hyperthesis Advisory Board

A leading figure at the intersection of marketing academia and marketing practice, Dr. Allen Weiss, has just joined the Hyperthesis Board of Advisors!

Not only is Dr. Weiss an accomplished professor of Marketing at USC's Marshall School of Business, but he is also Founder & CEO of the uber-popular platform, which actively bridges the divide between marketing research and practice. His own research focuses on high-technology marketing, particularly the ways in which firms make decisions in technologically sophisticated markets. With such expertise, Dr. Weiss has consulted for numerous F500 high-tech firms, including Intel Corp., Texas Instruments, and IBM.

Dr. Weiss will advising us on commercial relations, investor relations, and go-to-market strategy at this perfect intersection of our markets. His wisdom is very much appreciated!

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